Winter jumper

Heyyyyy guys so winter has all the sudden arrived and i was not ready at all as we have been enjoying the last days of autumn/summer season. I have yet to buy a jacket or boots for winter but for now jumpers and thickish jackets are working.

I recently got this jumper second hand and i thought it would be all stretched out and washed out but i was well wrong. I wear it with a vest top inside as i never wear knitted jumpers without a top inside but it keeps me warm, it has the right stretch in it and the pattern is nice.

The jumper is also long at the back which is ideal if your wearing leggings as some of them can be see through so this covers up your behind while still looking cute.

It’s also kinda loose which i like about jumpers, i don’t like tight, hugging one as i like one which can add body to me. I feel if your comfortable in what your wearing your day can be made a little better knowing you feel good on the outside.

Love Me x

Transitioning from summer to winter: How to still wear your summer clothes in winter

As summer is coming to an end and winter is kicking in we start packing away our short shorts and sandles for bomber jackets and winter boots.

Some people actually go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for winter which can be expensive but you can also wear your summer wardrobe in winter with just a few twicks.

Here are some of the ways you can change up your summer wardrobe for winter.

Summer dress

If you have a summer dress that you would like to wear in winter like the one above you could put in a long sleeve t-shirt to keep your top half warm and wear thick tights and black ankles boots for that cosy, stylish winter look.

Jean skirt

I love wearing jeans skirts in winter because you can style them quite a few ways. With a sweater on top you can add thick tights to this skirt and wear a pair of flat shoes or you could wear knee high boots or thigh high boots with the tights and you ready for a winter day.

T-shirt dress

I love t-shirt dresses because they are really simple but also quite sexy as you show some leg skin. In winter you can add a thick long cardigan with a scarf and wear some knee high boots and tights to keep you warm.

Summer tops

These are easy to accessorie because you just need to layer them up. You can add a blazer on top if your going to work or a cardigan, you can also wear a long sleeve t-shirt inside.

It’s all about layering in winter if you still want to wear your summer clothes and tights and boots are going to be your best friends during the winter season.

I hope this is helpful to you guys.

How do you style your winter wardrobe?