Keeping up with trends

Heyyyyy guys hope you are all well. Now i want to talk about trends and i for one love keeping up with what’s happening and what’s trending. It’s one of those things that you don’t want to miss out on because everyone has got that certain item and you want to be in that crowd that have it.

Now as most people who follow me on my socials know (follow me on my socials if your not yours not ;-)) i am a mummy of 4! Which includes two 10 months old twins and as much as i would like to always buy the latest trends i can’t afford to as my money is more aimed at different things like school trips, groceries, uniforms, car payments, nappies etc.

I have come to realise that we as trend lovers put ourselves under so much pressure to have the latest things to the point where some people go into debt just to have that designer dress or bag. I always do this thing where i go online shopping and fill my basket knowing i don’t have the money to begin with lol only to look at the total price and just basically coming off the page feeling down as i can’t get what i want but i get over it quite quickly though some people can’t help it and they end up using money they don’t have.

I have always tried to find more affordable ways to get what i need, for example i tend to always shop in Primark as they are more affordable, i also try to get some stuff second hand. Recently i came across a website called Shein and apparently am late on this as alot of people know about it. Its a women’s clothes website in Asia but i think they also have a warehouse in UK and when i tell you they are affordable? They are sooooo affordable. You can get a jumper for £2! Or a dress for £4! I did not believe it at first but when my order came and they fit well? i was one happy woman.

The point is we really need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves on keeping up appearances and buying things we can’t afford. There so many ways to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank and the majority of the times the new season trends are stuff we already have as they just keep repeating them over the years.

So how do you keep up with the trends?

Love Me x


It seems like every year their is a new festival trend and this year is no different. The newest trend is called “Glitter butts” and it was started by an Artist called Mia Kennigton, Mia is an artist from The Gypsy Shrine who are based in U.K. They travel around the world offering different services from face painting to body art to hair braiding and now glitter butts.

This trend is spreading like wild fire as all over Instagram those brave enough are doing this trend. some people are wearing the glitter with out any bottoms and others are opting for hot pants or bikini bottoms so whatever works for you work it!.


So according to my research in order to get the glitter to stick you have to first cover your butt with styling gel and while the gel is still wet use a brush to press the glitter on ( the best glitter to use is the chunky one but you can still use any glitter you want) if you want to add more glam to your glitter butt you can also add gemstones using body adhesive.

And lastly, you don’t have to do this step but its recommended you fix your glitter with a setting spray and then you are ready to shine and wow the crowd.

And remember to use makeup wipes or and oil based makeup remover to take the glitter off.

So whatever way you chose to wear it,make sure you take pictures to remember this trend and have fun with it there is no right or wrong way to wear “Glitter butts”.

Love Me x