So being that we were going to a hot climate country you would think I would not take my whole makeup collection but guess what? I took majority of it lol ( you know how we girls are ­čśë ) I took it all thinking just in case I need to glam up for a night out which I did when we went out but I also wanted and though I would put some makeup on during the day but the heat in Uganda would not let me!. It was really too hot to put makeup on and the fact that the dust would just stick to you it was just a no no for glaming, so I opted for the natural look. So for the holiday period I opted for just a natural look which was just the eyebrows done, lipstick, blemish balm and ┬áblush and i was good to go.


I also get heat rash the minute the sum comes out so going to Uganda had me worried thinking what was going to happen so I tried my best to avoid being in direct sun light and to not go out when it was really hot which was from around morning time till around 3. I also took my 30+ sunscreen as well  big sun summer hats for the whole family. Using these two things helped as I did not get affected as bad as I thought I was going to be. Moral of the story be ready for anything.

Love Me x





Hey guys I know I have been missing in action for  minute but am back! I have a vlog up on my channel ( talking about where I have been as going into it here will take me a while to tell lol so check it out. Our motherland holiday was great, I got to see my grand dad who I had not seen since I left Uganda so I was so thankful that I got a chance to see him again. The holiday vlogs will be on my channel so do check them out.

Love Me xx