Hey loves so this OOTD was for my friend leaving do which was a few weeks ago. She is traveling to America for 6 months for a work experience placement. So the dress and jacket are from a website called everything5pounds and I bought this dress about 3/4 months ago? and the jacket i bought sometime last year.


I love this website because as the name says everything is 5 pounds! and the majority are good stuff. A few times i have got clothes from Boohoo from them so am guessing the are wholesalers. I chose this outfit because I know me and some other women have this issue where once you eat a meal your stomach decides to inflate and look like you are pregnant.  Its such an annoying thing to have and am always wondering how these other women manage to eat so much and their stomachs stay flat? its a puzzle to me but in this dress i was able to hide my food pouch and not have to worry about sucking in my gut the whole day lol. Moral of the story there are always ways around problems.

Love Me x