Best beauty tips from the stars

Beauty tips from the stars is information we all want to know because we always want to know the best beauty products they are using and who better than to get them from the stars as they always have some of the best people in the business looking after them.

These tips are from from stars like Mary J Blige, Eva Mendes Beyonce and many more so let’s get into these tips.

Mary J Blige

Mary says to always wash your face even when your tired so you don’t have all the dirt and makeup clogging your pores.

We all forget to wash our faces sometimes and it’s ok once in a while not all the time.


B says a woman is most beautiful when she smile. This I agree with 100%.

Have you ever seen an ugly smiling woman? Not me, so smile ladies ūüėĀ and let your beauty shine.

America Ferrera

America says to always drink your water to help your skin, nails and hair. Most of us are guilty of not drinking enough water because its hard to drink all that water but we can only try eh?

Liv Tyler

Liv likes to spray rosewater on her face after applying powder to help make her skin look flawless like she’s not wearing makeup. After spraying she covers her face with a tissue for a second and she’s done.

I have never heard of using rosewater and tissue but I use a setting spray and let it dry by itself. Maybe I will try rosewater and see the results.

Eva Mendes

Eva mixes bronzer with moisturiser to help give her a shimmer when she doesn’t want to wear makeup.

Mix bronzer and moisturiser? Never heard of this before. Am going to experiment and see what it looks like.

Isla Fisher

Isla says using a blow dryer blow your eye lash curlers for a second or two before using it and this is to help curl your lashes better.

Now knowing me I will be the unlucky one who does it and then losses all my lashes so I will skip this one.

Halle Berry

Halle says to make her lips look naturally pink she applies red lipstick then wipes it off and then applies lipgloss and there you have pink lips.

Now that I think of it, it does make sense because I have wiped lipstick off before and applied vasline and you end up with a glossy like colour.

I hope you have enjoyed some of these tips and they have helped you.

Do you have any tips you can share?

Love Me x

Myths about beauty

So everyone has beauty advice given to them by their mums or grandparents or aunties that they swear by, some people swear by washing their faces in ice cold water to help keep their faces wrinkle free others it’s always having a full face of makeup because you never know who your going to meet, maybe prince charming?

So everyone has their own beauty habits but there are certain routines that have you wondering who made it up or came up with it? And so we are going to have a look at some of these beauty myths.

1. Going on a tanning bed is safer than going in direct sun

Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer and it affect a lot of young people who use tanning beds because experts believe they cause Melanoma. It’s believed that even just one session increases the risk of getting this type of skin cancer so it’s better to avoid it and just stick to fake tan that you apply yourself.

2. Skin damages before the age of 18

Now this one I did not understand one bit, how can your skin get damaged while your still growing and in your prime?. Your skin can get damaged at any age that’s why we need to apply lotion to it, wear sunscreen to protect it as well as avoid premature wrinkles.

3. All your skincare products need to be from the same line

I for one never use products from the same line because I like to test different product lines. Also trying different products might help with different areas of your skin because one product might not work for that area while another will.

4. You can get rid of cellulite

This is an old age myth, no matter what you try you can never get rid of cellulite, you might reduce it but it will still be there. I have seen skinny girls with cellulite which goes to show it’s not about your size it’s something we all have.

5. If you pluck a gray hair two will grow back

This is another old wives tale because there is no truth to it. I think it’s in our heads and we convince ourselves they have grown back double but really they haven’t.

6. Waxing make hair grow back thinner

This I believed was true but according to experts it’s not. Though the hair will grow back thinner because its damaged within 2 or 3 weeks it will be back to the thickness it was before. Only laser hair removal can create permanent hair thinning. So all that pain for nothing.

7. Brows need to match your hair colour

This I had never heard about but I for one have never really though about colouring my eyebrows to match my hair but I have seen people doing it and sometimes it looks nice and other time it just looks crazy.

So guys let’s not get punked with these myths and I hope you learn’t something new.

Love Me x

The Korean morning skincare routine

So there is a new skincare routine that Korean women do every single morning! and this is one I am going to adopt and try out only because it does not sound complicated and it looks simple.

I normally just wash my face with water in the morning and apply my day face cream and may be makeup if I feel like it but I am feeling adventurous now days when it comes to body products so am going to give it a go.

The original routine explained by Vicky Lee in has 8 steps but the simplified one which am going to do as I don’t have time to do all 8 steps in the morning is 5 steps, These are the steps.

Step 1: wash with water

Wash your face with water to help keep it hydrated as well as remove some of the dirt from the night.

Step 2: tone

In order to balance the skins PH levels you need to apply a toner or your skin can become dry and dehydrated.

Step 3: serum

Concentrated formulas with active ingredients targeting areas like wrinkles, dark spots and dehydration.

Step 4: eye cream

Put a little bit of eye cream under the eye socket and the brow and massage it in as this is the thinnest area which doesn’t product natural oils, its important to keep it protected and hydrated to avoid it getting dry.

Step 5:moisturise with SPF

And lastly apply your daily day cream which preferably should have SPF.

This to me is a perfect morning skin routine, not long, not complicated, you don’t have to wait there for the product to work before washing it off. Definitely up my street and everyone should be able to do it in about 10 minutes.

Do you have a morning routine? What do you think of this routine?

Love Me x

Thank you for 50! Followers

Heyyyy guys I know this might seem small or unimportant to some people but I want to say thank you! to all those that follow my blog.

50 followers may seem small but not to me I don’t even think I have 50 friends lol. I have had my blog for 3 years this year and at one point I stopped posting content because I got de-motivated and disheartened because I was looking at other people’s following growing and mine wasn’t and I did not like it or think people were interested in what I had to say but I came back from having my twin babies more motivates than ever and I am putting in work and it’s paying off.

I am really gratefully for you guys because it tell’s me that my content is good and it’s helpfully to some people out there.

People keep saying that the blogging world is dead or dying but I don’t think it is, it’s just going through changes and am going to be one that sticks with it because I actually love doing it.

I love doing research into different topics and learning new things which am able to pass onto you.

Once again thank you guys for following my blog I really appreciate it, thank you for taking the time to read it and don’t forget to leave me a comment letting me know what you think of the content I produce and you can also share with your family and friends.

Love me x

Everyday makeup look without foundation

We are all used to using foundation as a base for our makeup to help smooth and even out our skin but sometimes (actually alot of the time) I really do not want to apply foundation to my skin because for one it goes all over your clothes and when you touch other people’s it smears majorly on theirs too, your skin does not breath because its quite thick, am one of those people who constantly touches their face so it will be all over my hands, in summer you might end up melting like a popsicle lol……

So as you see foundation is not my friend much until I have a major event like a wedding or something big to go to then I will use it.

My everyday makeup routine does not include foundation at all and I only use concealer rarely everyday. I don’t know any woman who does not like having a makeup free face but I understand sometimes you don’t have a choice in the matter like some jobs you have to have flawless makeup (e.g corporate jobs or air hostesses) or if you have problems with your skin.

For me I use the Rimmel london natural bronzer as my base which I use to help get rid of any shine on my face, it has a little bit of glitter but its really really minimal, I then use the Sleek Cleopatra’s kiss highlighter and apply the shade Sphinx.

I then apply Maybelline push up angel masscara followed by filling in my eyebrows and I finish off by applying some lipgloss and lipliner to add some colour.

And thats my everyday look done in literally about 5 minutes and remember no foundation used.

So give it a go and see if you like it or it’s a no no for you. Please let me know in the comment section below if it worked for you and if you use something else in place of foundation.

Love Me x

37 step makeup routine!

Heyyyyy guys hope you are all well. So a 37 step makeup routine eh? Anyone out there who actually does this? My makeup routine included around 10 steps because thats all I really need which includes lotion as I dont like putting too much makeup products on my face and I dont have the time or patience to take an hour out of my life to apply makeup lol.

The 37 step makeup routine is used by the one and only Kylie Jenner so let get into it.

How to steps

‚óŹ Moisturise your face and apply some chapstick or lipbalm which is something everyone should be doing everyday.

‚óŹ Brows Kylie fills in her brows and apply concealer underneath as a base before applying eyeshadow. I enjoy doing my eyebrows because I have mastered how to do them that I don’t actually use concealer to clean or sharpen them anymore.

‚óŹ Eyeshadow she applies a range of different shades on each eye lid, I personally don’t do eyeshadow because I simply can’t do it, I have tried numerous times and failed everytime.

‚óŹ Dew drops she then mixes dew drops with foundation which she applies all over her face using a brush. I don’t use dew drop as I think they will make my face oily and I like my makeup to stay matte.

‚óŹ Concealer she then applies concealer under her eyes area, nose,chin and then she bakes. I only use concealer if am going out out but on a daily basis I do2nt use it and the baking is a rare for me now days, I only bake if I remember lol.

‚óŹ Foundation she then applies foundation followed by a bronzer underneath her cheekbones and then she sets it using setting powder. I use one small pump of foundation as I don’t like putting too much products on my face and less is better for me.

‚óŹ Lips she then moves onto lips which she loves glossing up. She applies liner, fills them in then lipstick and finally lipgloss. For me I line then lipstick depending if it’s matte or not I might apply some lipgloss as matte lipsticks can be drying to lips.

‚óŹ Blush Kylie like to apply blush all over her face! I used to use blush on my cheeks but I don’t anymore as we people of colour if we blush it don’t show and I just kinda got bored of applying it.

‚óŹ Eyelashes she applies black mascara to her top lashes and brown on her bottom. I actually don’t like putting on mascara because am always touching my eyes but I use it as my eyes look naked with a full face of makeup and no mascara but I don’t apply any to my bottom lashes a I don’t like the look of it.

‚óŹ Highlighter Kylie love highlighter and applies it like a pro to her cheekbones and the tip of her nose, I live for highlighter and apply it almost everyday. Its just one of those things that gives your skin a glowup and shapes your cheekbones.

‚óŹ Brow gel she then applies brow gel and brushes her brows, I don’t use brow gel as it’s pointless in my eyes. I have tried it before and I don’t see a difference at all.
Finally she applies setting spray and voila she’s finished.

When you read 37 steps makeup rountine you think woah thats alot of steps but it’s really not much at all, her YouTube tutorial for it is literally 10 mins long.

How many steps is your makeup routine? What do you think of the Kylie Jenner routine?

Love Me x



Since I started wearing make up and taking care of my skin I have always been a minimal product usage kind of girl, I have never been the type to change my products or yoyo with different ones because the ones I used worked fine.

When I lived at home with my mum I always just used what she bought which was usually Vaseline lol. We use to use Vaseline for basically everything! from body to feet and of course on the lips. Since I got married I started testing out different beauty products because I wanted a change as I was grown and all lol and at one point I would have so many products which I would have used for only a couple times just sitting there collecting dust.

For the last few years I found the products that work for me and I have stuck to them and my skin has thanked me for that still working with minimal products.


The one product I have religiously used continuously over many years now is the Garnier body intensive 7 days lotion in Shea butter. I have tried many body lotions trying to find one that worked for my body and they all would either make my skin dry like the dessert, oily or just look dead. But since I started using the Garnier lotion for very dry skin (though my body is not that dry) my skin is so soft and the softness lasts till the next day when I have a bath. It is also fast absorbing so you wont be there getting  a work out putting lotion on your body. Looking at the ingredients it contains Shea butter of course, water which is always great for your body, olive fruit oil, palm oil, mineral oil and many other ingredients but my point is having all these oils in one bottle has to make ones body soft and smooth.

For moisturing my face I use three products at the moment one is Nivea moisturising cream. Their main ingredients are Jojoba oil which is very moisturing and Vitamin E which helps with to protect cells ( I know I have gone all scientific lol). I use this cream at night before I go bed which helps keep my skin soft through out the night even in winter time when I wake up my skin still feels soft and looks dewy. The other product is B Restored day cream now I have only just started using this product not too long ago but let me tell you something, it is very mosturising and quite thick which I think is needed because weather seasons like winter and summer can make your skin drier than usual so you need something thick to add extra moisture. Lastly for my face I use Superdrug Optimum instant anti-wrinkle eye cream for under my eyes. I use it in the morning and evening and I have found that once I start rubbing it into my eye area I can see the lines reduce! which am not gonna lie I was skeptical if it would do anything ( am always skeptical with such things) but it done something so I will see if it will reduce the appearance of the lines more over time.

For washing my face I have been using Nip Fab exfoliate which has Glycolic and B. Revealed Glycolic cleansing peel. Both these products have Glycolic Acid in them which helps treat uneven skin,acne,oily skin etc. It basically does what it says on the tin, after using any of these products I can see and feel my skin is clean and no residue of dirt or makeup.

So as you see I really do not use a lot of products for my face or body but I don’t really think you need to use a lot of stuff on your skin, you just have to find what works for you and stick to it and your skin will thank you for it.

So what product do you swear by? let me know.


Love Me x



Recently my bag seems to be getting heavier and heavier and turning into a baby bag instead of my personal hand bag. The babies have their own bag but I just find it so much easier to just throw thing in my bag and go. Now days I only take the babies bag if I am going to be out for a while which means I need the milk stuff which cant fit in my bag nor do I want them in my bag lol.


I am going to let you into my bag and some of the things lurking in there. Firstly I have to have pampers and wipes because I can not afford to leave my house without them, I also carry the dummy container ( the one with the green cover) which I sometimes put some hot water just to keep them sterile. I also carry my note book all the time which I use a lot as when ever I have an idea for the blog or vlog I am able to quickly write it down before I forget. I also have my vlogging camera which I need to replace as this one has little space and the footage is not that good, a magazine is also needed as I need to keep up with whats going on in pop culture and fashion.

My make up bag which I have been using so much recently because am starting to enjoy dolling myself up. I get periods where I just cant be asked to plaster my face as it means I cant touch my face really and with the twins I feel I am forever trying to avoid or stop them from touching my face or it will end up on them but mummy has to stay on flick and presentable so we make it work lol.

I have quite a few thing in there but am sure you don’t want to hear all that’s in my bag but those are a few of the things in there and am sure I will be adding more lol.

Love Me x