Keeping up with trends

Heyyyyy guys hope you are all well. Now i want to talk about trends and i for one love keeping up with what’s happening and what’s trending. It’s one of those things that you don’t want to miss out on because everyone has got that certain item and you want to be in that crowd that have it.

Now as most people who follow me on my socials know (follow me on my socials if your not yours not ;-)) i am a mummy of 4! Which includes two 10 months old twins and as much as i would like to always buy the latest trends i can’t afford to as my money is more aimed at different things like school trips, groceries, uniforms, car payments, nappies etc.

I have come to realise that we as trend lovers put ourselves under so much pressure to have the latest things to the point where some people go into debt just to have that designer dress or bag. I always do this thing where i go online shopping and fill my basket knowing i don’t have the money to begin with lol only to look at the total price and just basically coming off the page feeling down as i can’t get what i want but i get over it quite quickly though some people can’t help it and they end up using money they don’t have.

I have always tried to find more affordable ways to get what i need, for example i tend to always shop in Primark as they are more affordable, i also try to get some stuff second hand. Recently i came across a website called Shein and apparently am late on this as alot of people know about it. Its a women’s clothes website in Asia but i think they also have a warehouse in UK and when i tell you they are affordable? They are sooooo affordable. You can get a jumper for £2! Or a dress for £4! I did not believe it at first but when my order came and they fit well? i was one happy woman.

The point is we really need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves on keeping up appearances and buying things we can’t afford. There so many ways to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank and the majority of the times the new season trends are stuff we already have as they just keep repeating them over the years.

So how do you keep up with the trends?

Love Me x

Winter jumper

Heyyyyy guys so winter has all the sudden arrived and i was not ready at all as we have been enjoying the last days of autumn/summer season. I have yet to buy a jacket or boots for winter but for now jumpers and thickish jackets are working.

I recently got this jumper second hand and i thought it would be all stretched out and washed out but i was well wrong. I wear it with a vest top inside as i never wear knitted jumpers without a top inside but it keeps me warm, it has the right stretch in it and the pattern is nice.

The jumper is also long at the back which is ideal if your wearing leggings as some of them can be see through so this covers up your behind while still looking cute.

It’s also kinda loose which i like about jumpers, i don’t like tight, hugging one as i like one which can add body to me. I feel if your comfortable in what your wearing your day can be made a little better knowing you feel good on the outside.

Love Me x

Autumn style look

Heyyyyy guys so if you read my last post about changing my blog direction ( go check it out if you haven’t)you will know that i am going to start posting my daily outfits on here, they will still be on my Instagram but more in-depth on here.

Recently i seem to be attracted to grey colours which i have never really been into, i have always been more into colourful outfits but i am actually loving the colour grey!. This colour just seems to go with everything and you can not go wrong with a grey outfit.

My top is from Shein outlet and it’s a simple cropped grey shirt with black strips on the arms. I like this top as it’s quite simple and the cropped bit is just enough so my whole mid-section is not on dispay (mummy problems) lol.

My jeans i actually love! They are from Shein as well, they are not my normal kinda of jean to wear as am a petite woman so i tend to stay away from baggy clothes as they can make you look even shorter but this pair i like alot and am going to look to get some more.

They are not the heavy kind of jean but they are not too light either, they are like mummy jeans as they cover your belly button which am all for as they help hide my mum tum. The only issues i had were, they were a little tight around my hip area and the waist was big at the back but i used a belt and it was fine., but apart from that, they are a good pair of jeans.

I paired the outfit with my grey trainers which i wear almost everyday coz they are comfortable and easy to get on when rushing for school runs.

For my jacket i wore my partner’s one as i wanted something baggy on top and not too fitting and it also had some grey in it so i have nicked it from him lol.

I hope you like this outfit, let me know what you liked about it and whats your favourite colour and why?

Love Me x

Allowing yourself to change

Heyyyyy guys so i have been MIA for a abit because i have had alot going on, those who don’t know i have two 9 months old twins who keep me busy but one has not been well so i had to concentrate on my baby.

So during this unplanned little break i started thinking about how i can make my vlogs and blog posts better because am all about change and providing good content.

So my vlog channel was started because i wanted to record my family life and share it with the world and i have done this for the last 3 years now but since the twins were born i don’t venture out much by myself because it’s not easy being out with two 9 months babies so i normally just drop my older children to school and get back home which doesn’t leave much to vlog.

My blog has always been about fashion, beauty and lifestyle which i loved and enjoyed doing but i wanted to focus on topics am really passionate about and i have decided to focus on fashion (specifically affordable fashion) as am a sucker for it lol and lifestyle which includes motivation posts because we all need a little push and motivational words sometimes.

I will be doing OOTD posts but they will not all be new garments but more of how i have put my day outfit together which will also be on my YouTube channel, am not sure about how often i will be uploading but i will work on it as i go.

I am excited about the new direction of my blog/vlog and i hope you don’t mind the new change and you will continue to enjoy the content.

Love Me x

Best beauty tips from the stars

Beauty tips from the stars is information we all want to know because we always want to know the best beauty products they are using and who better than to get them from the stars as they always have some of the best people in the business looking after them.

These tips are from from stars like Mary J Blige, Eva Mendes Beyonce and many more so let’s get into these tips.

Mary J Blige

Mary says to always wash your face even when your tired so you don’t have all the dirt and makeup clogging your pores.

We all forget to wash our faces sometimes and it’s ok once in a while not all the time.


B says a woman is most beautiful when she smile. This I agree with 100%.

Have you ever seen an ugly smiling woman? Not me, so smile ladies 😁 and let your beauty shine.

America Ferrera

America says to always drink your water to help your skin, nails and hair. Most of us are guilty of not drinking enough water because its hard to drink all that water but we can only try eh?

Liv Tyler

Liv likes to spray rosewater on her face after applying powder to help make her skin look flawless like she’s not wearing makeup. After spraying she covers her face with a tissue for a second and she’s done.

I have never heard of using rosewater and tissue but I use a setting spray and let it dry by itself. Maybe I will try rosewater and see the results.

Eva Mendes

Eva mixes bronzer with moisturiser to help give her a shimmer when she doesn’t want to wear makeup.

Mix bronzer and moisturiser? Never heard of this before. Am going to experiment and see what it looks like.

Isla Fisher

Isla says using a blow dryer blow your eye lash curlers for a second or two before using it and this is to help curl your lashes better.

Now knowing me I will be the unlucky one who does it and then losses all my lashes so I will skip this one.

Halle Berry

Halle says to make her lips look naturally pink she applies red lipstick then wipes it off and then applies lipgloss and there you have pink lips.

Now that I think of it, it does make sense because I have wiped lipstick off before and applied vasline and you end up with a glossy like colour.

I hope you have enjoyed some of these tips and they have helped you.

Do you have any tips you can share?

Love Me x

Myths about beauty

So everyone has beauty advice given to them by their mums or grandparents or aunties that they swear by, some people swear by washing their faces in ice cold water to help keep their faces wrinkle free others it’s always having a full face of makeup because you never know who your going to meet, maybe prince charming?

So everyone has their own beauty habits but there are certain routines that have you wondering who made it up or came up with it? And so we are going to have a look at some of these beauty myths.

1. Going on a tanning bed is safer than going in direct sun

Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer and it affect a lot of young people who use tanning beds because experts believe they cause Melanoma. It’s believed that even just one session increases the risk of getting this type of skin cancer so it’s better to avoid it and just stick to fake tan that you apply yourself.

2. Skin damages before the age of 18

Now this one I did not understand one bit, how can your skin get damaged while your still growing and in your prime?. Your skin can get damaged at any age that’s why we need to apply lotion to it, wear sunscreen to protect it as well as avoid premature wrinkles.

3. All your skincare products need to be from the same line

I for one never use products from the same line because I like to test different product lines. Also trying different products might help with different areas of your skin because one product might not work for that area while another will.

4. You can get rid of cellulite

This is an old age myth, no matter what you try you can never get rid of cellulite, you might reduce it but it will still be there. I have seen skinny girls with cellulite which goes to show it’s not about your size it’s something we all have.

5. If you pluck a gray hair two will grow back

This is another old wives tale because there is no truth to it. I think it’s in our heads and we convince ourselves they have grown back double but really they haven’t.

6. Waxing make hair grow back thinner

This I believed was true but according to experts it’s not. Though the hair will grow back thinner because its damaged within 2 or 3 weeks it will be back to the thickness it was before. Only laser hair removal can create permanent hair thinning. So all that pain for nothing.

7. Brows need to match your hair colour

This I had never heard about but I for one have never really though about colouring my eyebrows to match my hair but I have seen people doing it and sometimes it looks nice and other time it just looks crazy.

So guys let’s not get punked with these myths and I hope you learn’t something new.

Love Me x

Transitioning from summer to winter: How to still wear your summer clothes in winter

As summer is coming to an end and winter is kicking in we start packing away our short shorts and sandles for bomber jackets and winter boots.

Some people actually go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for winter which can be expensive but you can also wear your summer wardrobe in winter with just a few twicks.

Here are some of the ways you can change up your summer wardrobe for winter.

Summer dress

If you have a summer dress that you would like to wear in winter like the one above you could put in a long sleeve t-shirt to keep your top half warm and wear thick tights and black ankles boots for that cosy, stylish winter look.

Jean skirt

I love wearing jeans skirts in winter because you can style them quite a few ways. With a sweater on top you can add thick tights to this skirt and wear a pair of flat shoes or you could wear knee high boots or thigh high boots with the tights and you ready for a winter day.

T-shirt dress

I love t-shirt dresses because they are really simple but also quite sexy as you show some leg skin. In winter you can add a thick long cardigan with a scarf and wear some knee high boots and tights to keep you warm.

Summer tops

These are easy to accessorie because you just need to layer them up. You can add a blazer on top if your going to work or a cardigan, you can also wear a long sleeve t-shirt inside.

It’s all about layering in winter if you still want to wear your summer clothes and tights and boots are going to be your best friends during the winter season.

I hope this is helpful to you guys.

How do you style your winter wardrobe?

The Korean morning skincare routine

So there is a new skincare routine that Korean women do every single morning! and this is one I am going to adopt and try out only because it does not sound complicated and it looks simple.

I normally just wash my face with water in the morning and apply my day face cream and may be makeup if I feel like it but I am feeling adventurous now days when it comes to body products so am going to give it a go.

The original routine explained by Vicky Lee in has 8 steps but the simplified one which am going to do as I don’t have time to do all 8 steps in the morning is 5 steps, These are the steps.

Step 1: wash with water

Wash your face with water to help keep it hydrated as well as remove some of the dirt from the night.

Step 2: tone

In order to balance the skins PH levels you need to apply a toner or your skin can become dry and dehydrated.

Step 3: serum

Concentrated formulas with active ingredients targeting areas like wrinkles, dark spots and dehydration.

Step 4: eye cream

Put a little bit of eye cream under the eye socket and the brow and massage it in as this is the thinnest area which doesn’t product natural oils, its important to keep it protected and hydrated to avoid it getting dry.

Step 5:moisturise with SPF

And lastly apply your daily day cream which preferably should have SPF.

This to me is a perfect morning skin routine, not long, not complicated, you don’t have to wait there for the product to work before washing it off. Definitely up my street and everyone should be able to do it in about 10 minutes.

Do you have a morning routine? What do you think of this routine?

Love Me x

Thank you for 50! Followers

Heyyyy guys I know this might seem small or unimportant to some people but I want to say thank you! to all those that follow my blog.

50 followers may seem small but not to me I don’t even think I have 50 friends lol. I have had my blog for 3 years this year and at one point I stopped posting content because I got de-motivated and disheartened because I was looking at other people’s following growing and mine wasn’t and I did not like it or think people were interested in what I had to say but I came back from having my twin babies more motivates than ever and I am putting in work and it’s paying off.

I am really gratefully for you guys because it tell’s me that my content is good and it’s helpfully to some people out there.

People keep saying that the blogging world is dead or dying but I don’t think it is, it’s just going through changes and am going to be one that sticks with it because I actually love doing it.

I love doing research into different topics and learning new things which am able to pass onto you.

Once again thank you guys for following my blog I really appreciate it, thank you for taking the time to read it and don’t forget to leave me a comment letting me know what you think of the content I produce and you can also share with your family and friends.

Love me x