Lets talk!


So I have been back in the gym for 3 weeks having taken a break for about 2 months, I know not good. But am back on it and the first 2 weeks were not bad at all as I was expecting pain and hardship and all that comes with taking a break from gym but I sailed through it. I go gym 3 times a weeks which I think is enough as am not trying to be a body builder or lose weight am toning. So this week I changed things around a little bit, after researching about what should be done first cardio or weights I found out that you should do weights first as you still go the energy while if you do it after it would not be as beneficial as you are all tired out. Today was my lower work out day and let me tell you my legs wanted to buckle under me! I don’t even know why today was hard but after about half an our into the work out my legs tried to lock and I had to push through it. It felt like the first week I started gym when everything was hurting and difficult.


Walking up the stairs was just the slowest lol and going down I looked like I was stepping on hot coal as my legs were just in world of their own but I got my workout for this week done and I can relax a bit till next week. So the moral of the story is you have to push yourself sometimes to get what you need done. Its not always going to be easy but in the end you will be proud of yourself and the end results.

Love Me x


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