So summer is definitely in UK its hot,its sticky and my heat rash has started too but a not gonna complain. With summer we lady get our feet out which only means one thing pedicures and cute painted toe nail yayyyyy. After hibernating for almost 5 months the feet are out and getting some sun.


At the moment I am in love the these colours. My nails are quite fragile and break quite easily so I can never grow long nails but I have been using this Maximum growth by Sally Hansen and I think its helping because my nails have grown a bit. I am also loving the Rimmel London 702 marshmallow heaven (the purple one) it complements my skin tone really well and it makes me feel very summery, the Sally Hansen 838 in Ever green colour is beautiful though when I first saw it I was not attracted to it but at 99p I bought it and when I put it on it looked very nice. The 440 pomegranate by Barry M is so me as am though girly girls. Its one of them go to colours which speak summer and girly and I only use one coat so it will last. the last one is the 677 Maybelline in black I mean who don’t like black nail polish? to me it’s one of those colour that scream if all fails wear black and your good to go. I also use the Sally Hansen insta-dri top coat this is amazing guys! I hate waiting for my nail polish to dry and this here dries them fast!. I just realised I use a alot of Sally Hansen products oh well i guess they are that good. Hope you are having a brill day.

Love Me x