Scared of failure

The fear of failure is something we all experience sometimes in our lives and it’s something non of us want to experience but we don’t get to chose if we get it or not, no matter how much we try and fight it if it’s going to happen it will happen.

If you fail sometime in your life whether it’s once or 100 times you have to remember to get back up and try again. You have to give yourself time to moan that failure, cry over it and figure out where you wenvt wrong then get back up and push on.

Failure is apart of life and it’s something we work hard to never experience but it’s there to stop us if we are about to make a mistake and it forces us to start again. We will never understand failure in the beginning because we are so angry and upset but when we succeed and look back we are thankful for that failure because it taught us something.

During my university studies I failed one of my modules and I had to do it all over again before continuing to my second year. It was an exam and I am so rubbish at revising as I can’t seem to be able to recall what I have crammed so when I had to resit it I had to attend class all over again and I was so angry as it was holiday time.

But what surprised me is that
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Everyday makeup look without foundation

We are all used to using foundation as a base for our makeup to help smooth and even out our skin but sometimes (actually alot of the time) I really do not want to apply foundation to my skin because for one it goes all over your clothes and when you touch other people’s it smears majorly on theirs too, your skin does not breath because its quite thick, am one of those people who constantly touches their face so it will be all over my hands, in summer you might end up melting like a popsicle lol……

So as you see foundation is not my friend much until I have a major event like a wedding or something big to go to then I will use it.

My everyday makeup routine does not include foundation at all and I only use concealer rarely everyday. I don’t know any woman who does not like having a makeup free face but I understand sometimes you don’t have a choice in the matter like some jobs you have to have flawless makeup (e.g corporate jobs or air hostesses) or if you have problems with your skin.

For me I use the Rimmel london natural bronzer as my base which I use to help get rid of any shine on my face, it has a little bit of glitter but its really really minimal, I then use the Sleek Cleopatra’s kiss highlighter and apply the shade Sphinx.

I then apply Maybelline push up angel masscara followed by filling in my eyebrows and I finish off by applying some lipgloss and lipliner to add some colour.

And thats my everyday look done in literally about 5 minutes and remember no foundation used.

So give it a go and see if you like it or it’s a no no for you. Please let me know in the comment section below if it worked for you and if you use something else in place of foundation.

Love Me x

Celebrating the little achievements in life

Achievements can be seen differently by different individuals. Some people see achievements as graduating university others see achievements as being able to get through the day.

We all are different and go through different struggles in life but we need to remember to not belittle ones achievements because we don’t know what they had to go through to get to that happy point.

It is perfectly fine to be used to celebrating the big things that happen in life because thats what we are used to but we need to celebrate the small things too. For me I celebrate when am able to go to bed and all my house work is done, I know it might sound silly but I pride myself in leaving my house clean ready for the next day. I also celebrate when am able to cook a meal for my family because having 6 months old twins that need attention and trying to cook is a task in itself, but am able to do it sometimes other times I can’t.

Being able to make an Instagram post everyday make’s me happy because that’s the goal I set myself as well as publishing a blog post 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes I don’t post at all which makes me angry with myself but sometimes I can’t because there are other things going on in my life that come first before the blog.

We need to be able to celebrate our families and friend’s achievements no matter how small or big they are, if they feel it’s an achievement then it’s an achievement because they know what they had to go through, we should not try to question or understand their reasoning because that can cause them to feel insecure and question their achievements.

So let’s all celebrate our achievements, big ones and especially the small ones because those small ones can mean the most to us with out realising.

What have you achieved today? Let me know in the comment section below.

Love Me x

The difficulties you face having multiple babies

As you all know or may not know am a twin mama(shout out to all twin mamas out there) to two fratenal twins who came as a surprise and shock. When we found out we were having twins I literally cried and to this day I don’t know why I was crying I just cried lol, from this moment onwards I started seeing consultants, midwives and nurses every 2 weeks.

My first consultant appointment was full of what can go wrong (pre-eclampsia, twin to twin transfusion, high blood pressure, diabetes etc) and nothing good was said which got me quite worried and anxious.

At one point I was told that one of the twins had a 20% chance they were going to have Downs syndrome( there are tests they can do to confirm and one of them includes them putting a needles in your belly and extracting fluid from your womb but it can cause a miscarriage so we choose to let God handle it and what will be will be but they were both healthy without it, thank God) but this stuck at the back of my mind for the whole pregnancy and even though I decided to not worry about it and enjoy my pregnancy it was still there nagging at me.

When they were born at 35+4 days weighing 4lbs and 5lbs they went straight to NICU. Bella was 5lbs and needed help breathing and Uriyah was the same though for him there were more complications from not feeding to infection, but they are both doing fine and healthy.

Before they were born I was ready to do routines as I have two older ones who need to be taken care of too. Once hubby was back to work it was just me and the twins but I had tried to do things myself as I knew I was going to have to soon or later.

The first hurdle was feeding and since I had done some research while pregnant I had a few ideas how to feed them and I used and still use pillows and cushions to feed them and I have a V pillow which I use in the car. At one point I felt guilty as I was not getting that one to one time with each of them as they wake up at the same time but when hubby is home we each take one to feed so its ok.

Then the task of going out now am not gonna lie, I don’t go out for long periods of time by myself with them as am too scared if they both start crying or need feeding what would I do? But during school runs we all go together drop the two at school without leaving the car ( they are old enough to walk themselves into school) and then I go back home. That’s what I love about the other two’s age range all I have to do is get them to the school and they go in and out of school and walk to the car themselves and if the school was close they would walk there. What I miss is the catch up chats at the school gate with my mum friends which we used to do everyday but now they are abit older I sometimes do take the pram out and go for a little catch up with them.

Onto cleaning my house, I do this while they take their morning nap. I am so lucky that all my kids do not mind the vacuum noise so I am able to clean without them waking up though ay one point I had to move them from one room to another as I was cleaning because they refused to sleep and I can’t stand a dirty house so we moved together from room to room lol.

Being a twin mum is a blessing and a miracle because we humans are not meant to carry more that one baby at a time but our bodies are amazing and we are able to do this.

To all those twin and multiple mums it’s hard work and it will be difficult at first but take it slow and at your pace, do not go by anyone else’s because you will set yourself up to fail. Always try and get out atleast once a week as being couped up in the house is not good for you or the babies.

Join some facebook twin groups I am part of one and its trully a God sent because if you have any issues or want to have a moan you can do it on there without judgement at all, they all have been through it so they understand your position. When I was told about the Downs syndrome scare I went on there for advice and they was alot of helpful advice which helped me calm down and not worry so much.

I hope this help you out and my inbox is here if you need to talk or whatever.

Love Me x

Stiletto Croc shoes

Hey guys, so the crocs have been made into a stiletto!. I have actually never worn or owned a pair of crocs but I bought some for my kids and I have seen quite a lot of nurses wearing them at work and am guessing they are comfortable as nurses have to be on their feet for long periods of time and need comfortable shoes.

Now truth be told, the original design is not the best looking shoes out there and alot of people including me were not impressed by them.

But now days there are new attractive, different designs that everyone can find a pair they like.

Recently the designer Balenciaga has come up with a stiletto version which looks cute, this version has flags and flowers stickers on them as well as the trade mark holes in the shoes which I don’t think look good on it on the front part.

Ummm if it was affordable I might buy it but at the same time I would not be upset or in my feelings if I don’t have a pair. It’s one of those shoes that your 50/50 about and maybe it should be left as the original croc.

What are your thoughts guys? Would you buy and wear it or should crocs be left as the original design? Let me know in the comment section below.

Love Me x

37 step makeup routine!

Heyyyyy guys hope you are all well. So a 37 step makeup routine eh? Anyone out there who actually does this? My makeup routine included around 10 steps because thats all I really need which includes lotion as I dont like putting too much makeup products on my face and I dont have the time or patience to take an hour out of my life to apply makeup lol.

The 37 step makeup routine is used by the one and only Kylie Jenner so let get into it.

How to steps

● Moisturise your face and apply some chapstick or lipbalm which is something everyone should be doing everyday.

● Brows Kylie fills in her brows and apply concealer underneath as a base before applying eyeshadow. I enjoy doing my eyebrows because I have mastered how to do them that I don’t actually use concealer to clean or sharpen them anymore.

● Eyeshadow she applies a range of different shades on each eye lid, I personally don’t do eyeshadow because I simply can’t do it, I have tried numerous times and failed everytime.

● Dew drops she then mixes dew drops with foundation which she applies all over her face using a brush. I don’t use dew drop as I think they will make my face oily and I like my makeup to stay matte.

● Concealer she then applies concealer under her eyes area, nose,chin and then she bakes. I only use concealer if am going out out but on a daily basis I do2nt use it and the baking is a rare for me now days, I only bake if I remember lol.

● Foundation she then applies foundation followed by a bronzer underneath her cheekbones and then she sets it using setting powder. I use one small pump of foundation as I don’t like putting too much products on my face and less is better for me.

● Lips she then moves onto lips which she loves glossing up. She applies liner, fills them in then lipstick and finally lipgloss. For me I line then lipstick depending if it’s matte or not I might apply some lipgloss as matte lipsticks can be drying to lips.

Blush Kylie like to apply blush all over her face! I used to use blush on my cheeks but I don’t anymore as we people of colour if we blush it don’t show and I just kinda got bored of applying it.

● Eyelashes she applies black mascara to her top lashes and brown on her bottom. I actually don’t like putting on mascara because am always touching my eyes but I use it as my eyes look naked with a full face of makeup and no mascara but I don’t apply any to my bottom lashes a I don’t like the look of it.

● Highlighter Kylie love highlighter and applies it like a pro to her cheekbones and the tip of her nose, I live for highlighter and apply it almost everyday. Its just one of those things that gives your skin a glowup and shapes your cheekbones.

● Brow gel she then applies brow gel and brushes her brows, I don’t use brow gel as it’s pointless in my eyes. I have tried it before and I don’t see a difference at all.
Finally she applies setting spray and voila she’s finished.

When you read 37 steps makeup rountine you think woah thats alot of steps but it’s really not much at all, her YouTube tutorial for it is literally 10 mins long.

How many steps is your makeup routine? What do you think of the Kylie Jenner routine?

Love Me x

Clothes I wish I could wear

Hello my lovelies so summer has finally arrived yayyyyy and this is the season when jelousy, shoulda, coulda, woulda and enviousiness (if thats even a word? Is it a word?) comes out of people the most, me included.

This is the time when those with the stunning figures put them on show and the rest of us just work with what we got given lol because what else can we do? Apart from plastic surgery 😂😅

Being a mum I feel there are certain clothes that I should not wear and I am speaking exclusively about me, and being a somewhat curvy girl, there are also clothes I feel would just make me look trashy and frumpy. So I am going to talk about some of the items I wish I could rock but feel I can’t.


Boob tubs can look nice if worn the right way and they can also look trashy and cheap of worn the wrong way. I would wear it with a blazer on top being that its already exposing almost the entire half of your body.

I cant wear boob tubs! My boobs have feed 4 babies and they just look like monkey boobies 😂😂 so the boob tub would have no chance in holding them up.


Now doesn’t this gorl look fierce? 😍😍 its just not fair😣. Bodycon dresses are the type of clothes that just show all your humps and bumps, you can hide anything in them. I have tried control pands or spanks and they just end up rolling down and exposing my gut.

Then comes the time to sit down, childddd, I need a bag to hide my stomach because once again the fold in my stomach is on show. I dont know maybe I have the wrong control pants? So let your girl know if there any good one.


I love my legs and I think they are one of best features hence why I love dresses and skirts but mini skirts can be alittle annoying.

If I was to wear the skirt below I would look ridiculous because i would have to keep pulling the skirt down, actually I would even leave my house because my butt would be on show. The only mini skirts that work for my curvy derrière are the stretchy kind that way the hug my body and dont move much.


And finally the lovely, world known bikini. To be honest I have never felt comfortable enough to wear a two piece, I have always worn a one piece because I can breath and I dont have to worry too much about how my midriff looks.

For some of us after having kids that pouch never really leaves you, some days its obvious and others its non existent so now day I also go for the tankini or the high waisted bikini.

So what clothes give you trouble and which ones do you stay away from? What trick do you use for different clothes? Let me know in the comment section below.

Love Me x

The top 8 fashion winter trends for 2018/19

So sadly winter will be with us in about 2/3 months ;-( and this is the time to start shopping for the jackets, jumpers, winter boots etc. The new Autumn and winter looks are out on runways and her are the top 10 trends to look out for and splash your cash on.


I guess I will be wearing my green animal print pencil skirt in winter too, though I will be adding boots to the outfit instead of sandles. Animal print is one of those styles which can never go out of fashion and when you wear it you just feel  like you run things and it makes you stand out from the crowd.

Michael Kors

Micheal Kors

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana


I have a leather dress I wore about 4 years ago and I thought I might never wear it again as I thought wearing leather as a dress was out of style but I guess not and I was actually thinking of throwing it out!. wearing a leather skirt or pants give you that rock chick, bad ass look that makes you feel powerful and raunchy, now we can also rock a leather dress and feel like we own the side walk. oh yessss strut girls.

Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel



3   CAPE

Capes are so versatile that you can wear them in almost any season and you can replace your jacket for them, they are extra warm for winter days, warm enough for those cold spring days or when the weather is like UK weather( unlike these last fews summer weeks which have been crazy hot) you can also use them on summer nights.






This trend I need to have in my wardrobe, a silver dress will make me look like some type of futuristic chick. Am definitely looking for a silver outfit.






I remember wearing the tweed school girl skirt back in 2000 and something which was inspired by Britney spears when she wore one in her first music video. Am sure every girl had one of those skirts and every where you looked someone was wearing one, I wonder if that skirt will ever come back in style. Tweed is so versatile that you can wear it with anything from jeans to a dress etc.

Matty Bovan

Matty Bovan




I love pleats because they can give those of us who don’t have hips some some type of front shape. They also move with your body so we are able to hide our bumps and you are able to style them with snicker or heels.







I have worn silk scarves but a silk outfit? I don’t think I have go the chance, I can just imagine how a silk dress would feel on ones skin mmmmmm.

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Rente

Marine Serre

Marine Serre


This is a style that everyone has been doing for such a long time and I guess it sticking around for many years to come.






So ladies lets hot up winter like its summer.

Love Me x

How to style the same cropped trousers 3 different ways


Finding items of clothes you can style and wear different ways is not hard to find, items like leather jackets or blazers, trousers, tops or even dresses are the kind of items you can wear lots of different ways and people might not even know you wore it around them already.

These are the kind of items i like to purchase because i am not the type of person to be buying new items of clothing everytime am going out (unlike my sister lol) i like to reuse my clothes till the wheels fall off literally sometimes lol

I styled these cropped trousers from primark 3 ways, sporty, smart and kind of winter look.

Sporty look

Smart look

Winter or autumn look

Love Me x