I was born in Uganda in Africa and i moved to England when i was 13 so i have grown up in U.K. I lived with my mum and 3 sisters and at the time i worked in McDonald’s as a party hostess until i got married at 21 and moved to Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire where my husband lived. I was pregnant when i got married so i did not get another job when i moved as there was no point and i don’t think they would have hired me to be honest.

So fast forward after having my 2nd child i decided to start a family YouTube channel to share our daily lives and soon i started this blog because i wanted to share what i know and have learned in life, style and motherhood.

Writing this blog is something i really enjoy because it gives me an outlet to express what i love or not and i hope to continue to share with you what i love for many more years.

Please email me @ mabelokwi@gmail.com, or find me on Instagram @ mabel okwi. If you’re interested in partnerships .

Thank you so much for reading.