There are things in life we waste time on and which don’t even better our lives. These things can waste your money, time and peace of mind all because we are trying to keep up or please other people. I know some of these things might be hard to let go but you have to look at the bigger picture and remember in the long run it’s good to let them go to be a better you.

So here are 4 things to not waste your time on


We sometimes have friendships or relationships that bring out the worst in us and can be detrimental to ourselves. Some of these relations might span many years so it might be hard to notice it’s toxic but if you have a feeling or something happens think about it and see if that’s the type of relationship or friendship you want to be involved in and put time in. Friendships and relationships are meant to make you feel good, make you better, love you, be there for you when you need them etc so if they are not there for you and they are not making you better, it might be time to say goodbye.


Listen this is a big one especially with women, we love to buy the latest trends, what our friends have, trying to keep up appearances etc. This is something I tried to do in my early 20s and let me tell you it flopped big time because I just ended up broke and asking my mum for money! I just can’t keep up with trends at the moment because they change so often that the minute you have caught up something else drops and you want to get that so you can be in the “IN” crowd. It’s just not worth you not being able to pay your bills and rent all because you had to get that Gucci bag oh and also mess up your credit score!.

So save yourself the drama and stay in your lane and am sure your friends will not love you any different because you can’t keep up and if they do then you need a new group of friends because those are genuine friends.


This is really an important point because it can be the difference between life and death. A lot of the time we like to thing the person we are about to sleep with is healthy because they look healthy but looks can be so deceiving. If it’s not your regular partner then your should always, always use a condom no matter what they say, do not take their word saying the are good because they might not even know if they are infected with anything. Men will say anything and everything if they really want to sleep with you but gurlll tell him if you want the cookie you gotta strap up! and if they say no then show them the door!. So have fun but be safe.


First of all am not saying leave your job because sometimes you don’t have a choice and you have to do what you have to do but there are times where an opportunity rises and it’s something your interested in and love but you might be scared or worried about moving on from your current job because your comfortable in it. I have been told that things that scare you are the ones you should go after because they can build your confidence and courage so get out of that job you hate and do something you love and are passionate about.

I hope these points are helpful to you and let me know in the comment section if you there any things you have recently stopped doing.

Love Me x

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