So we all have habits we do that we don’t like about ourselves and would like to change, things like going to bed on time, decreasing our alcohol intake, working out more etc. Though we would love to change our bad ways it’s not easy and and it doesn’t happen over night which we all would love if it happened that way lol.

But never the less trying is better than nothing so here are 4 good habits to learn.


Most of us hate working out and have to force ourselves to do it. I for one dislike working out because for one it takes forever to see results and most of the time I don’t have the time to be honest. But I have figured out a way to workout with out having to stay in the gym for hours or even go to the gym, HIIT, since lockdown started me and my family have been doing HIIT three times a week for 20 minutes and abs work out for 10 minutes and I am seeing results! which i didn’t expect but I am happy with them. So try find an exercise you like and cut the time down to your liking and see how you get on and remember doing a little exercise is better than nothing.


Ladies we know ourselves, we love to shop right? but we sometimes don’t consider what we are buying. When we go shopping all we are thinking about is spending money unless your really looking for a certain item, but most of the time we say ” we are going shopping” meaning we are going to see what we can find to buy. How about we actually make a list of things we actually NEED! and we try and stick to it? I have gone shopping once and bought a dress I already had in my wardrobe! luckily I was able to take it back. So let’s try and be more aware of what we are buying which will help the environment and save you money.


This goes for anything you want. We all have things we want and dream of having maybe buying your first home, a new car, a promotion etc all these things are worth waiting for and working hard for. As I said we all would love to have what we want tomorrow but that’s not how the world works so we need to learn to be patient,put in work and your dreams will come true. I am going through a situation where I need to really be patient for what I need to come to pass and I pray it will happen soon. So don’t give up guys if you really want something wait for it, if it’s for you it will happen.


I am one of the worsted when it comes to reading! I really would love to read a book a month but I am so busy that it’s the last thing I want to do. When I have a moment to myself I just want to chill out and do nothing and reading to me is doing something lol. But I need to work on this because reading is really good for your brain. We all lead busy lives and I think a lot of people get to read on the trains on the way to work because you have nothing else to do or on holiday which is such a good idea. So if your planning on taking a break away or take public transport that’s one way you can get in some reading or on the loo!. just try read whenever you can is what am saying.

Is there any new habits your learning? if so share below

Love Me x

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