We all would love to have an easy life but life does not work like that. Life likes to through us curve balls every so often which can through us off balance but we humans are resilient so we bounce back.

We also can make our lives difficult but making things harder for ourselves so here are 6 tips to make your life easier.


We sometimes assume our friends and family know our boundaries because they have known us for a long time and so they should know what goes and what doesn’t, but most of the times they don’t really know because you have never told them so all they know is what they think. So you have to make sure the people around you know your boundaries that way they know not to over step and cause issues.


So this is one a lot of use like the sound of and the idea but we never do it including me lol because the thought of standing in the kitchen for hours cooking meals after meals for 6 people is tiring! But it’s such a brilliant idea because it frees up so much time for you especially if you work long hours and come home late and tired you do not want to start cooking or figuring out what to eat all you have to do is warm your food and your good to go.


Going to bed is one of those things we tell ourselves to do but most of us don’t practice. Going to bed early is one of the most important things because it can be the difference between a good start to the day or not. Imagine going to bed late and then having to wake up early for work or whatever, i for one would not be a happy bunny because i would still be tired. So try and go bed early and you will see the benefits in the morning.


This is one thing that irritate’s me, having a messy house and things that are out of place. Having toddlers makes it worse because all they do is leave a mess everywhere they go so am constantly cleaning up after them till they go bed. I also like to declutter and get rid of things we don’t use or need but my hubby is a hoarder so this can be difficult to do but in the end I get there lol.

Having a clean house with things in their places make me happy especially if I go out and I come back to a tidy house it’s just a calming, content feeling.


We like to thing that remembering what we have to do is better than writing it down but it’s actually not. Having your list of things to do in your mind can actually feel like there is too much you have to do and it can get overwhelming. So instead write it down that way you can cross off what you have done and see what you have left. Having a schedule on paper can also help you so you don’t forget what you need to do because the amount of time I have forgotten what I have to do all because I chose to not write it down. So try this method and see if it helps you.


This is something I started doing in the last few years because the amount of laundry I have to get through every week is a lot! So I don’t wash clothes that I don’t think are dirty because most of the time an outfit is not dirty after one wear so I put it away and wear it again. Though with children well there is no chance of that lol but it’s ok.

Do you have any tips on making life easier? comment below

Love Me x

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