Now that lock down has been lifted in UK and other countries am sure there will be a lot of babies that were created during this crazy time and it’s amazing to have something as beautiful as a life come out of such sad times where others are losing their lives. I hope some of my friends are pregnant because I love me some baby shower games lol and no I am not having any more babies my baby making days are done.

So let’s check out 6 of the best baby shower games


This games is all about guessing who is who using baby pictures. Some of us love showing off our baby pictures and this is your opportunity. So ask those attending the baby shower to send in a baby picture of themselves and on the day put all the pictures on display and have a guess who is the baby. This actually sounds so fun!


So with this game you have to find songs with the word baby in it and taking out a certain word. So you have to find the missing word in a song sentence with the help of the remaining words and artist name. For example “baby baby baby ______ Justin Bieber”.I hope this makes sense. Am sure all my music lovers will really enjoy this one.


I know this sounds disgusting but motherhood and poo are like best friends lol so it’s ok. With this game you have to melt different types of chocolate e.g Snickers, Mars, Dairy milk etc and spread each one on a separate nappy, so the guests have to smell, taste etc and guess what chocolate is on which nappy.


So this is a oldie but a very good goody. So ask your guests to guess what date and time the baby might be due, store the dates somewhere safe and when the baby is born check and see who was the closet to the date and time. Imagine if you were the closest to the date or bang on the date you can always say to the child I knew when your were going to be born which might freak them out a bit lol.


What does this game sound like? pin the donkey right? yeah so print out an egg and some sperm and stick the egg on the wall, blindfold one guest at a time, spin them around and let them try pin the sperm on the egg. The laughs you will get from this game might give you a bellyache lol.


So find a pamper bag and put a selection of baby items in it e.g dummy, rattle, nappy cream, rubber ducky etc and may be some thing unexpected just to keep it interesting. Get a guest to put their hand in the bag and try and guess what they are touching. They have 45 seconds to name as many items as they can.

So get planning and I hope you or your pregnant friend have an amazing baby shower, and congratulations.


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