So according to some people in society women need to change their wardrobe once they get married! this is a notion some men and women think should happen once we get married. I understand that once you get married you begin a new chapter in your life but does that mean you have to forget your old life? do you have to do a 160 revamp of your life?

We live in a new era/ time and a lot of women now days are very independent, are able to have amazing well paid jobs and they are able to provide an amazing lifestyle for themselves. So when they get married they tend to want someone who will compliment if not improve their lifestyle. Back in the day women were very controlled and limited on what they could wear, if they could work or vote and this is why women are very set on being independent so no man can have a say in the way they live their life.

Once a woman gets married their life changes dramatically. You leave you parents house if you were living at home, change your family name, you might have to move out of the area you grew up in, you lose some of your independence etc it’s a massive change for a woman. Marriage is a beautiful, amazing union of two people in love but it can also be bittersweet.

So imagine you just got married, unpacking your clothes and your lovely new husband tells you you have to get rid of all your bodycon, skin showing, tight clothes! why you ask and he says because your a married woman now. What would your answer be to this?

Why do some people think that once you get married you are not allowed to feel sexy for yourself? why do women only have to be sexy for their husbands? we can be married and be sexy at the same time, if your wife is not happy in herself you ain’t going to have a happy household. People need to stop thinking that if a married woman wears certain clothes she’s trying to invite other men to approach her, that is not the case in the majority of married women’s cases. Women are allowed to have fun and dress how they want provided they are respectful and I think a lot of married men like seeing their wives looking sexy.

Why should I wear a sack just because i got married? nobody wants to be in such a marriage because that how women start to lose themselves and I think this puts some women off marriage. So let’s leave marriage to be the beautiful union it is and not something that you have to change who you are for and this is why it’s important to know what your partner expects from you once your married so your on the same page and there are no surprises.

Did you find out any surprises from your partner once you got married? comment below and let’s talk

Love Me x

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