I am one of those people who don’t like to cake my face in makeup especially in summer because it just clogs your face and its too hot for all that makeup. I would like to say I am very minimum when it comes to the makeup I use because for one I think less is more for me, and I like being able to do my makeup in 20 minutes instead of hours.

During the summer months I scale my daytime makeup products back to the minimum so these are the 3 makeup products you need for summertime.


This is what will make you look like you have a full face of makeup but really you don’t. I apply the concealer under my eyes, eyelids, chin and forehead and these are the areas where light hits most so putting concealer on these areas will make you look awake, bright and it will look like you face is contoured because under you checks it will be darker ( for dark skin but you can put some contour on if your light skin). You also don’t have to necessary set it but you can if you want i don’t and it looks fab.


This is a must to make our eyes look wider especially for us who don’t have long lashes and to also make our lashes darker. A lot of ladies just wear mascara and that’s fine but to finish off the whole look I add mascara or if you want you can add fake lashes I can’t apply these to save my life lol.


This is one thing I always put on even without makeup because I feel it shapes your face. You can either bleach them a colour you want which means you don’t have to fill them in but if your like me I fill mine in and I have thin eyebrows so I have to do this step to complete the look.

This routine should take you 10 minute and your out the house and if you want you can also use it in winter because you might not feel like doing a full face of makeup for work or whatever.

What your daily makeup routine like? Do you have a summer makeup routine?

Love Me x

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  1. Donna says:

    I really don’t think anyone ” cakes” on make-up anymore! Hopefully not, anyway! Most people I know do what you day, including myself! Well for a fast make-up and most of the time, I just use..eyebrow powder ( my brows are sparse) a rose powder blush, a matching lipstick or gloss and mascara! So, that’s four! I did purchase the Luminess Airbrysh make up..for special or formal occasions, which I havn’t tried yet…but if you ” ever” want cover for a special occasion, I’ve been reading how the people that have used airbrush make up are thrilled with the results! They say, it covers well, but is extremely light going on and feeling! So no caking there! Hope this helps!


    1. forevermabss says:

      There is a few people who love the caked on look, 4 is good. I have not tried the airbrush makeup I will definitely look into it. Thank you


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