Summer season is here and that only means one thing time to hit the beach. If your from the U.K you know how our summer season is like so when that one hot day comes around you want to be ready with your swimsuit and make sure your look cute in those selfies and beach pics.

we all have insecurities when it comes to showing our bodies in swimsuits and i mean WE ALL DO! even the skinny girls. With cellulite, fubas, mum tums etc there is a lot that can make us insecure but the difference is knowing how to hide what we don’t want to show which makes us look flawless and bring out the confidence in us.

I also have to say we do not have to hide our bodies because these are our natural god given bodies and we should learn to be comfortable with our flaws because they make us unique, but if your flaws cause you unhappiness then do what you have to do to be happy.

So here are 5 ways to wear a swimsuit with confidence


So there are 4 body shape, triangle where your shoulders or bust are bigger than your hips, rectangle where your hips, shoulders and bust are around the same size, pear where your hips are wider than your shoulders, hourglass where your shoulders and hips are around the same size and you have a smaller waist. All these body shapes have swimwear that compliment their shape so find one that you feel comfortable and confident in.


Having a cover up helps you cover up the body areas your not comfortable with and it doesn’t have to be a bed sheet guys lol. You can wear a maxi skirt which are flowy and flattering to most bodies or a cover up dress which can be short,long,see through or not or wear a sarong. So there are options to look good and comfortable while you chill on the beach.


These are my favourite because i am able to hide my mum tummy which means i can wear a 2 piece. They also help suck in the tummy a bit which makes it flatter and why a lot of mums love them, they are also a lot more comfortable.


This is such a confidence builder! when you get your nails done, facial, body scrub, tan if you like them, face mask,do your hair etc what ever that helps with your confidence do it. This can be the difference between you enjoying yourself or not.


So if your like me every time i have a meal i look like am 6 months pregnant! its one of the most annoying things and so uncomfortable. I am still trying to figure out how some people are able to eat like pigs and their tummy stay as flat as a board! it’s just not fair. But eating smaller potions might help you keep your tummy flatter and less bloated, so instead of having a whole McDonald’s meal have just the fries and may be some fruit and avoid the fizz because we all know it causes gas which equals bloat.

I hope these tips will help you have a brilliant day at the beach, do you have any other tips for confidence?

Love Me x

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