So with the pandemic going on at the moment the gyms were closed and are still closed so people have had to find alternatives to working out. A lot of people have turned to YouTube to find workouts they can do at home and I for one and my family have been using YouTube to keep fit which has really helped us. But for the last month I decided to add walking to my workout routine and it’s something I did without really thinking much about because I thought it’s just walking what could really happen? and on top of that I decided to add a weigh back pack! I was so on it but there were things I did not consider when I started which I found out after I had started.

So here are 3 things you need to know about walking as an exercise


So in my back pack I had almost 8kg in weights and I carried this bag everyday for about an hour and a half apart from the one day I had off. I went on like this for about a week and a half and my back and shoulders started killing! thing is I did not feel the pain when I had the back pack on until I took it off then i would feel the ache. So I decided to give the weights a break and walk without them and my back and shoulders stopped aching. I will probably wear them on and off so to give my back and shoulders a break.

So make sure you do not carry weights that are too heavy for your frame or body because damaging your back can become serious very quickly.


This one was a first maybe because I had never used walking as an exercise but I found the faster I walked the front of my leg started aching/ hurting when I walked. At first I thought my legs just needed to get used to the walking and get in the rhythm but after a couple weeks they still were hurting so I asked uncle Google and he said my legs were not used to walking and the pain would go away in time but this was during the period i was caring the weight backpack and once I stopped carrying it the pain stopped which means it was the weights. So I guess I was putting too much strain on my legs.

So be aware of the pain you feel and investigate it because you don’t want to cause irreversible damage to yourself.


This is a very important point which I though about before I started walking and even played out in my head about what I would do if something happened. In this world there are some disturbed, crazy people that just want to hurt others sadly and we have to be ready to fight back and keep ourselves safe.

So please remember to stay near busy roads, open areas, go with a friend or if your like me and you walk alone you can call a friend during the walk that way you don’t feel so alone, I call my sister and I speak to her till I get home then she hangs up, if you can have a small deodorant spray or pepper spray take it with you as that can be the difference between life and death.

I hope you find this informational useful and if you have any more tips leave them in the comment section below.

Love Me x

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