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So since the lock down people have been doing a lot of online retail therapy and their reasoning was that when lock down was over they would be ready for party season which is understandable. But there are also a lot of people who avoided doing any clothes shopping for the fear of the virus which is also understandable. Now that the restrictions are being lifted people have started going back to the shops and online to do their clothes shopping. I for one am one of those people who aren’t ready to go to the high street to line up to go shopping so for now am part of the online retail shopping gang.

A lot of people have also lost their jobs which means income are not the same so people will be looking for more affordable ways of doing their shopping.

So these are the top 6 affordable online fashion stores for women clothes


Shein is a fashion company based in China. The company mainly sells women clothes but it also has men’s fashion, home ware, beauty, shoes, bags and lots more. The first time i ordered from them i was very wary and a little scared as it’s from China which is along way so i was thinking if i need to talk to someone will i be able to or what about refunds? so i decided to spend a little bit of money that i was happy to lose in case the package did not arrive or it was not good. But to my surprise everything arrived, they all fit apart from one and i loved everything!

Now here is the dilemma and trick to it, their sizes are different from us as Chinese people are normally small and petite so when your order you need to order a size or 2 up depending on the style of the outfit. The quality of the clothes can be hit and miss but i would say the amount of times i have ordered from them all my stuff came as advertised and i loved them apart from one. Their clothes are really cute and so girly and the price was what attracted me, they always have sales and discounts and prices start from as little as £5 upwards or even less than a fiver.

So enjoy shopping on Shein though you might come out broke as you will want to buy everything lol


Boohoo is a U.K based online retail store and their offices are based in Manchester, U.K. This is another affordable fashion company which caters to women as well as men. The company has two different websites for women and men, for women it’s called Boohoo and men it’s Boohooman. They deliver internationally to countries like America, Jordan, Kuwait etc.

If you love your bodycons ladies then boohoo is the store for you. I feel like the store is all about figure hugging and showing off what your mama gave you,they also have frilly, cute dresses which are so perfect for summertime. Their clothes are also affordable to the typical young woman so no breaking the bank account.


Everthing5pound is U.K online store which literally sells clothes for £5 and no more! they do have sales sometimes and their prices then drop as low as £2.50! crazy right? but i love it.

So how in the world can they afford to sell clothes for £5? well first of all they don’t make the clothes themselves so that saves them a lot of money. The way they get their stock is through other fashion companies past season stock, stores like Topshop, Primark, Asos, Zara etc sell their end of season goods to them.

So if you want to get an outfit for the cost of a Mcd’s meal then Everything5pound is your place.

I know these are all fast fashion retailers and because the prices are cheap we tend to go overboard when we start shopping, so please lets be mindful how we are shopping and happy bargain hunting.

Love Me x

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  1. luxeforless says:

    Great post! Online shopping is definitely one of the ways to go for finding affordable fashion pieces.


    1. forevermabss says:

      Thank you! Its so much easier as well too you don’t have to struggle to find your size lol


  2. Awesome post, I have shopped at all of these online retailers and I was happy with each and every purchase although I have seen mixed reviews for SHEIN, mainly the reason that you have already highlighted such as sizes, and long delivery times. great post. you now have a new follower. you rock girl xx


    1. forevermabss says:

      Thank you so much! Yeah with SHEIN it’s one of those you have to try and see but definitely you will get hits and misses xx

      Liked by 1 person

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