So ladies do you have a list of things you need to have with you during summer season? because i for one do. There are times when i would go out ( and this is before i knew i needed these essential things) looking all cute and dolled up, feeling like a million bucks, like nothing can go wrong and then coming back home looking like a hot mess! and what made it worse is that i did not know i looked a mess till i got home and looked in the mirror lol. From then on i started packing a little bag with some essentials to keep me looking at least presentable in the summer heat because sometimes summer hits different lol.

So here are 9 essential things a girl needs during the summer season.


So this accident has happened to me a few times before my periods were regular and before i knew what date they came. This is such a common thing that happens to us ladies because sometimes our cycles change and catch us off guard. For example mine sometimes change during winter but i am aware of that now though i have to wait for them to come to know the date . So sanitary items are definitely ones to have in your essential bag.


This is one item i used to forget to put in my bag. We normally use pocket tissues for our nose but imagine going to a public toilet, you finish doing your business only to check and there is no toilet paper! omg the panic that sets in right there lol and you can’t ask a friend because your there by yourself. So remember ladies to make sure you have several pocket tissues especially if your going to a festival or club because they are the worst when it comes to finished toilet paper.


We all know during summer we sweat quite a bit even when we are not doing anything we some how sweat. I used to not carry around a deodorant because i thought i had sprayed myself before i left home so i was good for the day,well was i wrong. May be in winter we might not need to carry the spray with us ( i still do ) but summer time we definitely need to have one in our essential bag just in case because it’s so embarrassing to smell BO and thinking it’s someone else only to realise it’s you! you don’t even want to lift your arms at that point lol. So always make sure you have a small deodorant spray or roll on in your bag ladies.


A lot of people forget to put sunscreen in their essential bag because they either think they won’t need it or someone else will have one or it doesn’t look like the sun is going to be out. I for one am a culprit of this because i always think i won’t be sitting in the sun so am ok but as we all know whether your in a shade or not UV rays are everywhere. So we all need to remember to pack our sunscreen so we can keep ourselves safe and our families.


I think a lot of us suffer from hay fever when summer kicks in and we normally remember to pack our medicine, but there are times when those that normally don’t suffer from hay fever end up with allergies and need antihistamines. I for one get a rash on my arms and heck every time summer season kicks in ( doctors say it’s eczema but i don’t think so) so i always make sure i have my allergy tablets with me. So make sure you have a packet with you so you are at least ready for what ever.


My best friend doesn’t drink water! i really don’t know how she goes through summer without drinking water, she normally drinks fizzy drink and that’s it! To this day i find it so puzzling how she doesn’t drink water. Water is one of the most essential things you need in summer because you are going to be extra thirsty which can lead to dehydration. So make sure you have a bottle at hand to keep you hydrated and to keep you cool in the heat.


Am sure we all know about this one girls because that’s one of the main make up items we always have with us when we go out. I mean do any girls leave home without their setting powder? unless your not wearing makeup that day but during clubbing nights, parties etc we usually have our setting powder because that’s the difference between looking like someone poured oil on you and looking presentable and cute. So never take your powder out your bag girl.


Omg have you ever got so annoyed with your hair because you forgot your hairband at home? I think a lot of us girls always have a hair band on our wrists but it so happens that that one day you will need it your forget it at home!. Those long fun summer days when you have your hair out and you end up so hot you want to tie it up but check your wrist and no hairband, honesty the way i search for a hair band in that moment it’s like i have lost a pin lol. Girls make sure you have one hairband on your wrist and chuck some in your bag too.


Lastly and the obvious one of course we need our sunglasses because how are we going to be able to take selfies if the sun is in our eyes? lol I for one can’t look in the sun directly and take a picture because my eyes just get teary so i need the glasses. Sunglasses also make you look good on those hot days when you want to look cute but don’t want to wear makeup, pop on your sunnies and your good to go.

I hope these essential items help you have a fun filled summer and don’t forget to add your essential items below.

Oh i almost forget antibacterial gel! got to keep clean and healthy

Love Me x

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