So being an influencer is something a lot of us are working towards achieving and to also get paid from it and make a living off it. I used to thing oh they must live the high life and to get paid for it? that’s just the icing on the cake. My story is i started out vlogging about my family life not even thinking about being an influencer and then i started to hear the word your an “influencer” which i was like what does that mean? so i went to grandma google and got the meaning of it but i also thought nah i can’t be an influencer i don’t even have that much of a following until i was told that even though you have a small following you are still an influencer because those people are following you, then  found out you can get paid to be an influencer! then the light bulb went off and i started to take my channel, social media and blogging serious.

I then started looking into growing my following and doing a lot of research about being an influencer, how to find the jobs, how to find the companies to work with etc. I also starting seeing in my research that you need to find a niche which to me i found really difficult to scale down as i was passionate about quite a few topic so i chose to stick to being a lifestyle blogger and vlogger.

It’s coming to 2 years since i decided to take this “job” serious and i say “job” because i have not been paid for or done any sponsored work yet so am still working toward that but my Instagram and YouTube following is growing slowly and am happy with that. i am not going to lie i do get discouraged sometimes when my following is so slow and not getting any work and that’s why i took a break from blogging for a while because i had to really see if this is the career i wanted and also to learn more about blogging but its really demotivating and difficult.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Soooooo with that in mind here are my 5 reasons why being an influencer is expensive and time consuming.

1     Research takes a long time

So some people think that blogger know everything they write about and they do not have to do any research, nope! so wrong. We all have to do some research about the topic we are writing about to make sure what we are writing and sharing is legit. Can you imagine how embarrassing and reputation destroying  it would be if you got called out for offering the wrong information? this is why i try do research about what am writing which as i said it can take hours or even days because i got a life outside blogging lol.

2     Keeping up with fashion

In order to keep up with fashion you have to be able to buy the latest trendy clothes  and keep up with the styles. I  for one find it difficult to do this because my money don’t flow like that lol, i have kids to feed and bills to pay so keeping up with the new fashion trends sometimes take a back burner. It’s different though if companies send you clothes to try on this way you don’t have to spend money which makes it so easy to keep up with fashion.

3     You might not get paid

I have heard stories and seen some on Instagram where people say they have worked with companies and done all the work and never got paid!. These people had paid for photo shoots, bought clothes, edited content and then at the company said they had changed their mind! and one other influencer had to chase the company for money they owed them!. This is one thing that scares me about working with companies, the fact that they can decide not to pay you after you have spent money that you might not have had doing the work they asked you to do. It’s just sad and honestly demotivating.

4     Long hours

So once you have done your research it’s time to start writing your blog post and honesty this can take me quite a few hours and it’s even longer because i have to stop in between to sort the babies out. Writing blogs sometimes remind me when i was writing my dissertation which took me so long! i couldn’t wait to finish it. But the difference with this is is i enjoy doing it while my dissertation was even on a topic i did not particularly like. I think this is the point where i think of it as a job because i have to sit there for hours writing it.

Love me X


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