Heyyyyy guys hope you are all doing well, so the twins have started sleeping through the night! Yayyyyyyyy us. So babies start sleeping through the night at different ages, there is no one set age for them to sleep through the night so don’t worry if your baby does not sleep through the night yet, they will get there. I know it’s better said than done when your sleep deprived but you will get there.

I had started to feel anxious as some of the twin mums on the facebook group am on had said their babies had been sleeping through the night from about 5 months! So i started thinking am i doing something wrong? Why aren’t mine sleeping through the night?. I thought once they started eating solids they would automatically sleep through the night but boy was i wrong lol. They kept waking up at around 11ish for a bottle which was the time i would go bed so it meant me going bed around 12ish :-(.

So recently i was talking to one of my girlfriends who has a baby a few months older than mine and she said she gives her a feed before bed and that keeps her sleeping through the night which i did but i did it straight after their dinner but they would not finish it so for some reason i though let’s try having dinner then bath and then bottle so they get a little break in between and guess what? it worked! I even give them more milk which they finish so now they don’t wake up for feeds anymore.

I think where i was going wrong is giving them milk straight after dinner because i thought they might be thirsty but i guess they just needed a little break.

This might not work for everyone but try different routines like maybe give them milk before their bath. You never know it might be an unusual routine but if it works and get’s them to sleep through the night? Then your winning.

I hope this helps all those parents struggling with those night feeds and let me know if you try it and if it helped you.

Do you have any other tricks you use for a baby to sleep through the night?

Love Me x

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