So everyone has beauty advice given to them by their mums or grandparents or aunties that they swear by, some people swear by washing their faces in ice cold water to help keep their faces wrinkle free others it’s always having a full face of makeup because you never know who your going to meet, maybe prince charming?

So everyone has their own beauty habits but there are certain routines that have you wondering who made it up or came up with it? And so we are going to have a look at some of these beauty myths.

1. Going on a tanning bed is safer than going in direct sun

Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer and it affect a lot of young people who use tanning beds because experts believe they cause Melanoma. It’s believed that even just one session increases the risk of getting this type of skin cancer so it’s better to avoid it and just stick to fake tan that you apply yourself.

2. Skin damages before the age of 18

Now this one I did not understand one bit, how can your skin get damaged while your still growing and in your prime?. Your skin can get damaged at any age that’s why we need to apply lotion to it, wear sunscreen to protect it as well as avoid premature wrinkles.

3. All your skincare products need to be from the same line

I for one never use products from the same line because I like to test different product lines. Also trying different products might help with different areas of your skin because one product might not work for that area while another will.

4. You can get rid of cellulite

This is an old age myth, no matter what you try you can never get rid of cellulite, you might reduce it but it will still be there. I have seen skinny girls with cellulite which goes to show it’s not about your size it’s something we all have.

5. If you pluck a gray hair two will grow back

This is another old wives tale because there is no truth to it. I think it’s in our heads and we convince ourselves they have grown back double but really they haven’t.

6. Waxing make hair grow back thinner

This I believed was true but according to experts it’s not. Though the hair will grow back thinner because its damaged within 2 or 3 weeks it will be back to the thickness it was before. Only laser hair removal can create permanent hair thinning. So all that pain for nothing.

7. Brows need to match your hair colour

This I had never heard about but I for one have never really though about colouring my eyebrows to match my hair but I have seen people doing it and sometimes it looks nice and other time it just looks crazy.

So guys let’s not get punked with these myths and I hope you learn’t something new.

Love Me x

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