The difficulties you face having multiple babies

As you all know or may not know am a twin mama(shout out to all twin mamas out there) to two fratenal twins who came as a surprise and shock. When we found out we were having twins I literally cried and to this day I don’t know why I was crying I just cried lol, from this moment onwards I started seeing consultants, midwives and nurses every 2 weeks.

My first consultant appointment was full of what can go wrong (pre-eclampsia, twin to twin transfusion, high blood pressure, diabetes etc) and nothing good was said which got me quite worried and anxious.

At one point I was told that one of the twins had a 20% chance they were going to have Downs syndrome( there are tests they can do to confirm and one of them includes them putting a needles in your belly and extracting fluid from your womb but it can cause a miscarriage so we choose to let God handle it and what will be will be but they were both healthy without it, thank God) but this stuck at the back of my mind for the whole pregnancy and even though I decided to not worry about it and enjoy my pregnancy it was still there nagging at me.

When they were born at 35+4 days weighing 4lbs and 5lbs they went straight to NICU. Bella was 5lbs and needed help breathing and Uriyah was the same though for him there were more complications from not feeding to infection, but they are both doing fine and healthy.

Before they were born I was ready to do routines as I have two older ones who need to be taken care of too. Once hubby was back to work it was just me and the twins but I had tried to do things myself as I knew I was going to have to soon or later.

The first hurdle was feeding and since I had done some research while pregnant I had a few ideas how to feed them and I used and still use pillows and cushions to feed them and I have a V pillow which I use in the car. At one point I felt guilty as I was not getting that one to one time with each of them as they wake up at the same time but when hubby is home we each take one to feed so its ok.

Then the task of going out now am not gonna lie, I don’t go out for long periods of time by myself with them as am too scared if they both start crying or need feeding what would I do? But during school runs we all go together drop the two at school without leaving the car ( they are old enough to walk themselves into school) and then I go back home. That’s what I love about the other two’s age range all I have to do is get them to the school and they go in and out of school and walk to the car themselves and if the school was close they would walk there. What I miss is the catch up chats at the school gate with my mum friends which we used to do everyday but now they are abit older I sometimes do take the pram out and go for a little catch up with them.

Onto cleaning my house, I do this while they take their morning nap. I am so lucky that all my kids do not mind the vacuum noise so I am able to clean without them waking up though ay one point I had to move them from one room to another as I was cleaning because they refused to sleep and I can’t stand a dirty house so we moved together from room to room lol.

Being a twin mum is a blessing and a miracle because we humans are not meant to carry more that one baby at a time but our bodies are amazing and we are able to do this.

To all those twin and multiple mums it’s hard work and it will be difficult at first but take it slow and at your pace, do not go by anyone else’s because you will set yourself up to fail. Always try and get out atleast once a week as being couped up in the house is not good for you or the babies.

Join some facebook twin groups I am part of one and its trully a God sent because if you have any issues or want to have a moan you can do it on there without judgement at all, they all have been through it so they understand your position. When I was told about the Downs syndrome scare I went on there for advice and they was alot of helpful advice which helped me calm down and not worry so much.

I hope this help you out and my inbox is here if you need to talk or whatever.

Love Me x

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