Stiletto Croc shoes

Hey guys, so the crocs have been made into a stiletto!. I have actually never worn or owned a pair of crocs but I bought some for my kids and I have seen quite a lot of nurses wearing them at work and am guessing they are comfortable as nurses have to be on their feet for long periods of time and need comfortable shoes.

Now truth be told, the original design is not the best looking shoes out there and alot of people including me were not impressed by them.

But now days there are new attractive, different designs that everyone can find a pair they like.

Recently the designer Balenciaga has come up with a stiletto version which looks cute, this version has flags and flowers stickers on them as well as the trade mark holes in the shoes which I don’t think look good on it on the front part.

Ummm if it was affordable I might buy it but at the same time I would not be upset or in my feelings if I don’t have a pair. It’s one of those shoes that your 50/50 about and maybe it should be left as the original croc.

What are your thoughts guys? Would you buy and wear it or should crocs be left as the original design? Let me know in the comment section below.

Love Me x

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