So Halloween is around the corner and everyone is talking about what they are going to wear and go as, now since I could remember I have always dressed up with my family and friends and went out trick or treating and since I have had kids they dress up in their costumes and we  take them out to trick or treat which they find fun. Now everyone feel a certain way about Halloween, some believe its against their beliefs or religion to celebrate it and other don’t care and feel its just good fun. For me I have been brought up in a Christian household and have always believed in Jesus or God but my mum was never the parent that told us not to enjoy Halloween and so we always done it every year.

Recently I had talked to the kids about not celebrating it to see what their opinions were about it and of course as children are they asked why? lol so Steve started explaining what Halloween stands for and how its against the Christian faith to celebrate it to my amazement the kids said they do not want to celebrate it no more!!!, I was like what? I was so gobsmacked and proud of them because I thought we were going to have a fight on our hand convincing and explaining why Christians should not celebrate it.

We are Christians and yes we celebrated Halloween but I don’t think that makes us bad people for doing that. I know a lot of Christian who would go crazy asking why we do it and why we would let our kids celebrate the day of the dead ( which being said in that context sound quite scary!) but at the end of the day if I  dressed up as Beyoncé or Michael Jackson, would you still say am celebrating the dead or just having fun? so is the question about the outfits that are worn or the actual day?

What are your thought guys? let me know in the comment below

P.S moral of the story is we have to try and listen to what our children think about different topics even though they are kids, they still have opinions and they should count.

Love Me X

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